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The reference pictures I used were dug up on the internet and I use them only as such. Unfortunately I have no idea where I found them anymore, but many are from German archives. These pictures have their origin still visible on them.

söndag 30 juli 2017

Tamiya M3A2 halftrack 1/35 becoming a M3 radio comm. vehicle

I am going to give it another go; build a 1/35 project..... and finish it!!!

Choice of subject is a project that has been sitting on the shelf for years; another halftrack. Tamiya's M3A2 being back dated to the M3 version, but with radios added.
The M3A2 actually never saw service, so I am a bit puzzled as to why they released that version in the first place! But to backdate it will require quite a bit of work. Well, not physically, but the differences are quite notable on the rear body.
All the exterior detail the M3A2 has, has to go; the ladders, the gunturret and in many cases the mineracks too. I am thinking about keeping the latter though, just to make the vehicle look cluttered with all sorts of gear, mre's and what not.

And I want to go real old school on this one..... with a lot of Verlinden add-on's! Just like back in the day when I got into scale modelling myself. Or at least when I started to make serious attempts at achieving a presentable model!

måndag 24 april 2017

MK44 ammoknights - the final images

MK44 ammoknights - the base

Yes, another project I can call finished!!
All I actually needed to do, was to make a base for it. I wanted to keep that simple, since it's been awhile since I last done one and I did not want to go overboard, as I tend to do, with some post apocalyptic scene. Just a simple base, showing concrete slabs with grass and such. Like an abandoned airfield or something.
The base is a round cork disc (to put your glass on), glue to a round wooden base. Dimensions fitted nicely. I carved rectangular blocks from it before glueing it in place. That gave nice, coarse edges. Then I painted the whole thing in layers of different shades of grey, making sure to not have an even finish. Then drybrushing with greys and whites. When dry I glued in the grass tufts in the cracks, followed up by pebbles and dust.

fredag 21 april 2017

Industria Mechanica - Porpoise 1/20 building them

So I started working on the Porpoise figures and I must say the quality is very good. However no assembly guide is provided. You'll have to do with one photo on the box. The casts in my figures was flawless. Not a single bubble or warping.
When handling them they emit a smell reminiscent of Tamiyaäs grey filler, though. The resin itself is very easily workable and the castingblocks are placed cleverly, so little cleaning up afterwards. 
The fit of the parts is so well that the figures can be assembled almost without glue. I added a small piece of bluetack, so they wouldn't fall apart when handling during the "photoshoot".
I did not alter the figure, but will add a gunsling after painting.

The smg carrying figure however does have a serious glitch...
He has 2 left feet!!!

The shotgun figure I did some work on. It had a hood that looked too short, revealing a strange gap between mask and hood and the pose with the shotgun not only looked strange, I felt it fitted not right either. I started with added a strip of styrene, so the hood now hangs a bit over the mask, concealing that weird gap. I then cut off the hand with grip, removed the drum magazine and carved out an area on the inside of the underarm, so the butt would fit snugly. I then repositioned the hand with grip and created a new, more suitably sized magazine out of 2 1/35 German landmines and a disk of thick styrene. The angled edges of the mines create a slight recess between the disks. A gunsling will be added after painting here too.

Here you can see the altered posts compared to the as-is figure on the box.

söndag 26 februari 2017

Industria Mechanica - Porpoise 1/20 inbox review

For a Maschinenkrieger / sci-fi apocalyptic build I searched the www for suitable figures and these popped up; the Porpoise - Private security division shock troopers by Industria Mechanika and in the correct 1/20 scale!
So I ordered these..... Within a week they arrived, all the way from the US of A into my Swedish mailbox.  It came well packed in a black cardboard box, an image of the figures printed on the front and a handwritten number on the side; 137. The various dark to medium grey castings were packed in ziplock bags with weapons and accessories in separate bags.

The figures/castings;
Overall casting is of a very high standard. No bubbles, molding seams or defects at all. "All" one has to do, is to remove the casting blocks and these are cleverly placed in such a way that very little detail will be damaged if care is taken. Clearly some thought has gone into that. One of the things I noticed, was that all parts have location pegs and corresponding holes. That would mean that it would be hard to adjust or position parts if needed. The future will tell if this will be an issue, but I guess not.
One figure depicts a trooper in body armour, masked face with gasmask, protectors, backpack with oxygen bottle and hose, small pouches and small machinegun. The other is more futuristic, maybe even a tad alien. Wastecoat, armourplating, long shotgun with drum magazine, protectors, an oxygen bottle and a head/face I really need to get used to. Despite the body looking very human, the head is not. It looks like a sort of mask, but the shape of the head is... different.
Both figures have several layers of clothing and/or armour/protection, so a wide variety and possibilities for painting are given.
Can't wait to give these a go!

fredag 24 februari 2017

MB Unimog U1300L THW - End of days, part 1

Staying with the post-society, surviving-theme in 1/24, here's another one I am "working" on.
The plan this time is to depict a Mercedes Unimog as a survivor vehicle; The financial structures imploded and as a result social structures as we know them today are all but gone. States and countries have ceased to exist as entities, entire peoples were forced to move, due to war, chaos and famine. A small group has gotten hold of a semi-civilian Unimog and is roaming about, looking for a place to live and settle. Their primary goal however is survival until then.

Initially I wanted to show a vehicle from the Technisches Hilfswerk or THW pretty much as is, but decided against it. Why? Because it would be a blue project. Really. Vehicles from the THW show a pretty uniform, bright medium blue and that includes the the tarpaulin over the flatbed. Searches for references showing a differently colored tarp came up empty. Bummer. So I started thinking about how to get more colour into the build. Civilian options seemed very limited. I came across a bright yellow one, a white one and something that looked like light grey and all rubberised. How about if the people using it salvaged a tarp from a military vehicle? Those range anywhere from an earthy brown via shades of green to camouflage in several hues, depending on the material used, either canvas or rubberised.
A second concern was the fast that THW vehicles have white tops in their tarps, so that light can come through. Italeri's vehicle is a thick, blue plastic cast, so no white or light transparency. Replicating that would cause major surgery and their tarp is hard enough as it is. No great fit and thick locating blocks required a lot of putty to become presentable. So I went for the easy way out; a salvaged military tarp.
Besides the thickness of the cast and the locating blocks the bed and tarp lack any and all detail. That had to be scratchbuilt. But only after a lot of filling and sanding. A lot of that... The frame is made out of old telephone wire and the planks out of coffeestirring sticks. Some plastic card triangles were added to the ends of those to replicate the brackets.
Most of the photos from the back of such an Unimog showed a wooden floor, so I made one out of balsawood. It is a single piece with the lines drawn in with a pencil and bvarying grey washes to pick out individual pieces of wood.
A basic coat of paint was then applied.

torsdag 16 februari 2017

MK44 ammoknights smartgun - the final steps

In the final steps I added some extra details, decals, chipping and weathering.
There was something missing and looking at a sparehose/cable that came with the kit I knew what; a connection between the gun and the suit. I glued the cable to the underside of the gun and used a spareparts as a connectorbox on the outside. I also added an armored antenna on top, being an airplane sparepart in 1/48. Since I had done the pattern already these became field adaptations, so were painted in basic olivgreen. I deliberately painted the ammo-drums in different shades of green.
The airintakes on the lowerback are non original. Aircraft spareparts there too.
The markings consisted of German crosses, a vehiclenumber. 46, a unitmarking in the form of a circle with a V in it, personel markings like the name Grisslybär and 2 matching bears in blue, oakleaf honorary badges (an idea snatched from Warhammer 40k), rankinsignia on the back of the head (as US troops used to have) and a reflecting marker on the lower rear end. The killmarks are self explanatory.
The vision slits received a thinned down bright green so replicate armored glass inserts.
I then added neutral and dark washes and weathered it all and tried my first rainstreaks.
So far I am pleased, but for now it will remain in the glasscabinet until I have figured out what to do for a base....